Founded in 2011, Grand Trine Productions offers regular classes in life enrichment and Tantra, revealing life changing systems that up to now were only available to the privileged.  The program is now available on line to any student on the planet with an internet connection.  The classes are only offered in English for now, but other languages are coming as demand grows.  The course offers value to both singles and couples. It includes the course work of both Tiers 1 & 2 and some extra material not in the regular class.  Students who complete the one year curriculum are eligible to take the exam, and receive their certification in Tantric Practice and Table Work.

There are 36 videos, a PDF downloadable class manual with illustrations, audio recordings, and various reference materials.  


Grand Trine Online is an aggressive and comprehensive self-improvement course focusing on relationship development and sexual enhancement. The instruction is given in a series of recorded videos, audio recordings, and downloadable documents, spread out over a 1 year time span.  Master Yao will guide you step by step through each phase of this amazing program.


The heart of the course is instruction in the Art and Science of Tantra. The Grand Trine Tantra Model is an advanced version.  It is the union of four Tantra systems, infused with elements of reflexology and acupuncture. This course goes beyond education. You will experience “Second Puberty”, where you go through a process of purging your subconscious of negative programing from the puberty years. You will gain greater magnetism and erase some of the residue from such events as rape, rejection, molestation, etc.  You will learn bedroom techniques to awaken her vagina or his prostate, so that your sexual life improves dramatically. 


You will learn secrets to generate and manage kundalini, the root source of sexual power. You will be shown the exercises and techniques of Qi Gong, Ta Chi, Yoga, and Bondas that the Swamis, Guru, Okomfo and Medicine Men use to raise their power. The special exercises and regimens given gradually awaken dormant masculine or feminine faculties. This allows the man or woman to “project” their sexual energy. While not all students advance at the same rate, more than half of the students are able to bring their mates to orgasm without touching them, using projection. This advanced technique is no longer known to the vast majority of Tantra instructors around the world. Only a handful of Masters in the Western hemisphere practice it, and half of them refuse to teach it. 


One of the central themes in Grand Trine is a concept called the “Original Self”.  It is the natal character map of each man or women, consisting of attributes, personality traits, the incarnation objective, life themes, and social archetypes specific to each person. Students are taught how to harvest this wealth of information to shift relationship dynamics to achieve desired outcomes. Using this science, students learn how to spot sexual, mental and emotional dysfunction in members of the opposite sex within 20 minutes. Instruction includes the Art of Sexual Projection. Some of the videos are interactive.  You will have your significant other or a “Tantra Buddy” on the bed, massage table or couch during the viewing of the video. Master Yao will have a female or male table model on his massage table and walk you through the techniques. You will be doing it right along with him. And you can view the video multiple times until you get it down.


Instruction includes a host of secondary topics such as lucid dreaming and jade egg practice.  


It is important to condition the physical body so as to get maximum response to the energies. Thus some video is geared to diet tips, supplement guides, and several very special regimens to boost hormone performance and reproductive functions.     


Tantra Buddy Network

The Art of Sexual Projection requires a partner of the opposite sex to practice on. While you can learn the techniques solo, it is recommended that you have a partner for portions of the training.  Subscribers who have been in the program more than one month have access to our Tantra Buddy Network. These are past students and current students who are looking for other students to do projection work on them.

Questions ​

Questions may be asked directly to Master Yao via e-mail, website or on scheduled conference calls.  General questions may be posted to the private Facebook group.


... I am giving and experiencing pleasure

With just a few weeks of practice I have been able to have a significant impact on females through projection. I can’t create orgasms without touching yet, but I can give orgasms through the meridians!!  In the bedroom I am giving and experiencing pleasure on a level that I have never known before. And to think I had a healthy level of skepticism of Tantra.  



Students can subscribe to the Online Class Program by making monthly payments. Each month registered students will receive the access code to access class videos and materials on a secure server. Students pay one month in advance, in other words the first payment is a double payment (two months). The program is complete after 12 months, but students may opt out at any time after the first 60 days. Students may cancel their subscription by sending an e-mail before the end of the calendar month, and their subscription will end on the last day of the next month. The cost of subscription is $120 per month.  Students may elect monthly automatic debits directly through Pay Pal. Or you can pay by check, if you pay four months at a time ($480).  Your payment on Eventbrite will automatically trigger transmission to your email of the secure link and the access code(s) for the first month. You will also receive a confirmation and receipt. You must maintain an active e-mail address, and notify Grand Trine Productions of any change in e-mail.    



This is the cult classic that started it all! It is the report of the author’s seven year research project within indigenous cultures.

There is a master feminine faculty that governs a woman’s feminine attributes, reproductive system and behavior.

An epic fantasy. Book one in a three part trilogy. The story is set in the new age which follows the destruction of the current world.